Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill: A Musical Voyage Review by MARILYN LESTER

"A huge chunk of the success of the production goes to director Pamela Hunt, whose insights into the piece ensured brisk pacing and smart staging. This Musical Voyage is the kind of largish piece that can quickly become unwieldy and bog down in the wrong hands. She skillfully avoided the pitfalls. Additionally, her directing is as much choreography, which translates to pleasing, fluid movement around the real estate of the stage. Hunt’s costuming suggestions and clever bits of business also added color to the revue."  



The Musical of Musicals - The MUsical!

"Real wit, real charm! Two smart writers and four winning performers! You get the picture. It's great fun!" - Margo Jefferson, The New York Times

"Charming! Funny! Hits its targets with sophisticated affection! Refreshing!" - JoHn Simon, New York Magazine

"Witty! Refreshing! Juicily merciless!" - Michael Feingold, Village Voice

"The zany, affectionate humor keeps you laughing from start to finish! The performances are all delicious...immense talent! Directed and choreographed with great imagination and wit! Hilarious!"- Howard Kissel, Daily News

"Has The York Theatre Company got a show for you! A delightful, fizzy concoction!" - MIchael Kuchwara,

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